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Hi… My name is Marlette Robinson and I am a NAIL TECH.   I’ve been licensed since 2000 a graduate from Atlanta Area Tech in Atlanta Ga.  



Well the inspiration to publish a magazine of this creativity came about when I was looking around and saw magazines and was even featured in hair book.  Hair, where’s the Nail.  It was a few, but NOTHING ONLY  FOR NAIL TECHS, and in the South.  But the foundation and reason behind  NAIL DESIGN 101     MAGAZINE  is being a outlet and support for fellow NAIL TECHS with a passion for what they do and create for a client and to educate our clients and uplift our  technicians.  Nail Design  101 Magazine  will feature designs that will WOW you, from all over.  It’s created by Nail Techs for Nail Techs.  It’s to support each other and encourage each other in this industry of cosmetology.

What makes this magazine different, I'm looking for the talent.  I want to highlight their skill when no other publication is on that level. Yes we have our Nail magazines but they are on a different level of reading.  Those publication are mainly for us Nail Techs in term we understand.  Nail Design 101 Magazine want to educate our clients at the same time.  When the clients go for a service and ask for one thing, they will know that is what they are paying for. They will know what what the not legal product looks like when applied to their nail, which is doing much more damage because they are a little cheaper.  

At the same time Nail Design 101 Magazine is showing you where other Nail Techs are located in many different states. It will also introduce different produce  within the industry, by other independent companies, that would love to meet the consumers that are buying their product for their services.  That what makes us different. I'm looking for that 101 attention with Nail Tech and creating outlets to highlight them. From the nail art you would see on the street, but to feature the different levels of talent.

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